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USCIS has recently released its final rule regarding the adjustment of its fee schedule. According to the new rule, any benefit request postmarked on or after April 1, 2024, must be accompanied by the fees established in this final rule. For a list of the fee schedule, please click the attached P...

How Can I Request the USCIS to Expedite My Application? Steps to Submit an Expedite Request to USCIS

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Our firm receives a lot of inquiries asking how they can request the USCIS to expedite their applications. Some clients need to travel abroad but if they have an application for adjustment of status pending, they generally would not be able to travel abroad without first obtaining an advance parole from the USCIS. Or, perhaps they stopped working because their existing work permits have already expired (e.g., expiration of their OPT EAD) and they need to obtain a new work permit in order to continue working. In any event, while everyone would love to have their applications adjudicated right away, the reality is no agency or anyone has the capacity to turn everyone's case around overnight.  The USCIS, however, provides a mechanism for applicants to request expedite handling of their applications if they meet certain criteria. 

How Can I Check if the Birth Certificate that I am Submitting in Support of My Immigration Application Will be Accepted by the USCIS?

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When you file an immigration application for yourself or your family members for a green card, the USCIS will require you and/or your family member to submit a copy of your or your family member's birth certificate.  If you or your family member was born in a foreign country, you will need to check if your foreign birth certificate would be accepted by the USCIS.  To determine whether your foreign birth certificate would be accepted, the USCIS would review the Foreign Affairs Manual as published by the State Department. Before you submit your foreign birth certificate to the USCIS, you can follow the steps below to verify whether your foreign birth certificate is in conformity with the guidance published by the State Department.  1.  Visit the Foreign Affairs Manual by clicking the link here: 2.  From the State Department website, find the country where you or your family was born.  3.  After you click the country, the State Department website will take you to the Reciprocity Schedule for that country.  4.  Scroll down and find the tab "Birth, Death, Burial Certificates" and it should provide you with detailed instructions as to how to obtain your foreign birth certificate.   Within the Reciprocity Schedule, you can also find the instructions for obtaining your foreign marriage certificate, divorce decree, police record, and other documentation that you may need for your immigration application.   Let us know how we can help.   BRAVLIN PC

Online Appointment Now Available!!!

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As we continue to improve the quality of our services, we have now implemented an online appointment schedule system on our website. We hope this will reduce your anxiety in trying to find someone to talk to regarding your situation. If you cannot find a suitable time slot, you can always give us a call and we will see how we can help. Online Appointment Link: BRAVLIN PC

Immigration Files Stuck in Caves Underground.

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Immigration Impact reported that thousand of immigration files are currently stuck in caves underground, which cause serious delay in the USCIS's ability to adjudicate immigration applications. The cases filed from March to June 2020 are particularly affected. Since the USCIS is unable to retriev...

DHS to Extend TPS to October 4, 2021

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The DHS has announced that it will automatically extend the validity of TPS-related documentation for beneficiaries under TPS designations for El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Sudan, Honduras, and Nepal through October 4, 2021, from the current expiration date of January 4, 2021.

Federal Court Restores DACA

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The Federal Court restores DACA!!! On December 4, 2020, the Federal Court orders the DHS to restore DACA. For questions regarding your case, please contact us for a private consultation.

USCIS Announces a Revised Naturalization Civics Test

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The USICIS announced on November 13, 2020 that it will implement a revised version of the naturalization civic test. The revised test will essentially double up the current civic test, which requires the passing score of 60% - answering 6 out of 10 questions correctly. Under the revised test, an applicant must answer 12 out of 20 questions correctly to pass the civic test.

Field Trip to West Virginia

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I have been taking road trips to visit clients in West Virginia for as long as I have been practicing law.  My last road trip was before the 2016 Presidential Election. I generally pay a close attention to the places I visit by looking at the local activities such as for sale signs, lease signs, ...

Vacant/Blighted Property Issues for DC Property Owners

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Recently I represented clients who own a property in DC which they bought in 2016. They did not know that DC has a law that requires vacant property owners to register with the DC government.  This registration is important for many reasons. The primary reason is ...


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