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By clicking “YES” below, you certify that you are the authorized credit card holder as named on the credit card and that you have the legal authorization to use the credit card. STOP and DO NOT PROCEED if you are not the authorized credit card user. Unauthorized use of credit card may subject you to criminal prosecution and penalties.


By paying the legal fee using a credit card, you understand that certain information, that may include “confidences or secrets,” such as your identity, automatically will be revealed to the credit card company in credit card transactions. You acknowledge and understand that BRAVLIN PC (the firm) may be required by the credit card company to provide information about the nature of services, with the amount of detail required, and cooperate in any dispute between you and the credit card company. You hereby consent and waive the confidentiality to permit the firm to release information as required by the credit card company. You consent that the firm may deposit the amount into the firm's operating account. Such fees may be treated as the firm's property and the fees can be attached by the firm's creditors. Any refund or unearned legal fee, if applicable, must be credited to your credit card and not paid by cash or check.


(verb) Look after and provide for the needs of.
– Oxford Dictionary

Being kind and caring is very important as it will bring much peace to our lives. Our job is to represent our clients, with care and kindness. We believe by doing so, one way or another, everything will be fine.


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