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If your immigration case gets complicated, your worries are at peak and you can take one wrong decision that can ruin your immigration history. Honestly, you need a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney to avoid such situations.

When I talked to Mr. Lin, I was so stressed that I was ready to leave next day to my home country. He really educated me about my case and assured me what I was entitled to and also explained me the worst case outcome. He studied my case and evaluated it in detail and asked me “LEAVE YOUR WORRIES ON MY TABLE”.

Today, I am back in the US with 7th year extension in my H1B case. This really makes me think now that I was not alone and he actually did all for me and did it correctly. I appreciate his extra efforts that he put in presenting my case. He is an honest and truthful professional. I was completely comfortable discussing my case in text, email and over the phone with him. I liked his whole team and my employer was impressed with the documentation that we received during and at the end of the case from Mr. Lin's office.

I strongly recommend him to all who seek solutions for their messed up immigration cases. If you want to initiate filing fresh cases, you will definitely see trouble free results at a reasonable cost. Those who seek the cheapest rates end up paying more to fix their cases. Mr. Lin realized this fact and offered huge discount in my case. I will go with him for the remaining part of my GC processing.

– Anonymous


(verb) Look after and provide for the needs of.
– Oxford Dictionary

Being kind and caring is very important as it will bring much peace to our lives. Our job is to represent our clients, with care and kindness. We believe by doing so, one way or another, everything will be fine.


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