In this section you will find comments made by our clients who have kindly shared with us of their experience with the firm during the course of our representation. The contents of their opinions remain largely unchanged, except they have been edited to remove any personally identifiable information to protect their privacy.




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Comments from our Clients


July 4, 2018 

Hi Michael,
I apologize for my late response. I guess I was still inhaling the pleasant feeling of freedom! Thank you so very much for coming into my life at the right time and working with me to this point where I am now. As I mentioned earlier, you were ‘God sent’ to rescue me. Your professionalism and patience to deal with your clients is a rare gift from above. Trust me Michael, if I was a millionaire, I would Retain your services for as long as I lived so that in times of worry or any stressful situations, I would turn to you for advice and words of wisdom. Thanks again!
May God’s blessings be with you always and may you prosper in whatever you do.

June 2, 2018 

I am highly impressed with Attorney Michael Lin and associates. Attorney Lin is highly skilled, professional and extremely helpful. He guided me very closely and prepared me for the interview with series of possible questions that I may be asked. 
I am very happy that I chose to attend the interview with attorney Lin. I was relaxed and confident during the interview because I was in great hands and prepared well by him. During the actual interview, attorney Lin rectified the mistake I had on my form and clarified my visa status and job description to Immigration officer.  I am very glad that I chose Attorney Lin; I highly recommend him. 

May 8, 2018

Michael Lin is truly amazing. He is extremely knowledgeable and experienced in immigration field. He is very dedicated, precise and detailed with his work. I will highly recommend Michael Lin to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer.


February 17, 2018

My experience with Michael was awesome. My husband and son both went to India for stamping as their visa got expired and they were in 180 days period in USA. Michael gave us lot of support with the documentation as well as with the preparation of questions for the interview. Finally today both of them reached successfully to USA. I strongly recommend Michael for any type of visa.


February 3, 2018


Michael showed real interest in my case and put all his knowledge and professional ability to work on it. I had consulted and hired others lawyers in the past and could tell the difference. I consider myself fortunate and definitely recommend him.

December 22, 2017 

Michael is awesome. Highly recommended! Due to internal process of USCIS, My case was pending for almost two years and during this period, Michael has been very supportive, patient and professional.


 October 23, 2017 

He was good at his job, he always kept me informed always gave me updates about the paper work. He made the process go smoothly. I would recommend him 100%.

 October 23, 2017 

Brilliant Immigration Lawyer  

If you are reading the reviews posted here, you will notice that most of Michael’s clients describe him as: “knowledgeable”, “experienced”, “very professional”, “trustworthy”, “very helpful & thorough”, “extremely prompt”, “absolutely amazing”. It really is difficult to describe Michael without using such positive expressions. Michael handled my permanent residency application, as well as my complicated citizenship case earlier this year. Throughout the process Michel did not cease to amaze me with his exceptional attendance to my case, his quick and prompt responses to all my questions (even on the weekend), his extreme attention to detail, and most of all his impressive expertise in all immigration related matters. I cannot thank Michael enough for his amazing support! If you are looking for an immigration lawyer, please take my advice and look no more!

 October 6, 2017 

Detailed oriented immigration attorney 

Michael handled a number of my immigration cases – H1B transfer, EB2 and the whole citizenship application process. He is detail oriented and always on top of things. Highly recommended.

October 5, 2017 

As you know, I’ve got an approval from USCIS. I think and believe that you can feel how I feel this moment. Thank you so much for your affectionate guidance, for your understanding, and your belief that I was worth being your client. I’ve learned so much about how to navigate the life I have been so eager to set sail upon from observing and listening to you. We did not really have much contact but you made an impression on me that softened the stress and encouraged me to take responsibility for my choices. I am stronger, optimistic and confident because you always beside me as my attorney.

 October 2, 2017 

I’ve heard so many wonderful things about Michael Lin’s firm before reaching out to him for his service. Michael was very attentive and patience throughout the whole process. I was able to get my questions answered quickly, sometimes even after working hours and on the weekends. His team is great too. After he took my case, the team quickly reached out and started helping my husband and I with all the necessary paperwork, and updating us with the latest status of our case. Couple weeks before the immigration interview, Michael started to prepare us for the interview. Michael’s guidance in preparing the immigration interview was invaluable. He walked us through the process, and pointed out important things that we need to pay attentions to. Today, we’re proud to say that my petition has been approved, and my husband has been granted permanent resident status in the United States. My husband and I are grateful to be working with Michael Lin and his team. Although they are more than 400 miles away from where we live in New York, they were there for us every step of way in this process. I highly recommend Michael’s service to anyone who is looking for immigration assistance.

 September 14, 2017 

Outstanding Immigration Lawyer

Michael is by far the best lawyer I have ever worked with – he is incredibly responsive and, having handled years of immigration matters, is able to provide clear guidance upfront in terms that are easy to understand. He managed significant portions of the process for me and alleviated a great deal of stress. Couldn’t recommend more highly.

 September 11, 2017 

Highly Recommend!

Michael has helped me at various stages of my immigration process – H1B, GC and Citizenship. He is extremely proficient at his work, is very knowledgeable in the subject and most importantly has been very patient at answering my endless questions. I hired Michael to help me with the naturalization process. He helped me with my N400 application, helped me prepare for the interview and accompanied me to the final interview. I would highly recommend Michael to anyone looking for an immigration lawyer to guide them through this complicated process.

August 15, 2017

Employment Based Permanent Resident Cards

My company hired Michael Lin to process several Green Card applications. Mr. Lin always acted in a very professional way. His fees were very good compared to other immigration lawyers we have used in the past and he was very easy to work with, responded in a timely manner and even offered free advice on I9 processes and H1b visa questions. I strongly recommend Mr. Lin and hope to do business again with his firm in the near future.

July 3, 2017

Best immigration lawyer

Michael and his teammates are very helpful and professional. He really treats his clients like his family and understands our feeling very well. He is also very knowledgeable of the laws and willing to take time to explain and analyze the case for us. He would personally handle the paperworks and prepare us for the hearing as needed. I was very desperate until I found him. Without his help, my husband would have been deported. Thank you for representing us and helping our family reunited. You are definitely one of the best immigration lawyers in the US.


July 2, 2017

Dear Michael and Janya!

Once again you proved what a wonderful lawyers you are! You brought me to the end of my immigration journey, to my citizenship and my US passport! Me and my husband are so grateful to you for all you’ve done for us, for your great advises, for your professionalism, your dedication and your kind nature! Thank you very much and God bless you! We will keep referring our friends to you with the best possible recommendation we can provide. We will make sure you will remain our only contact for all immigration related affairs!


June 20, 2017

Immigration issues handled perfectly


Michael and his team worked very hard and contacted us through out our k1 visa and gave us the advice as well as the answers we needed for my fiancé to get her green card. Thank you very much.



May 22, 2017

My best, my savior , best Immigration Attorney in Town


My case was a complex case and i’ve spent more than 10 years, 4-5 lawyers, energy, tears, stress, countless dollars, etc… And finally, i found Michael, he get it done for me in 3 months, i guess someone up there sent me an angel and that was Michael. Thanks Michael for you dedication and hard work.

March 16, 2017

Michael Lin did an excellent job in processing my F4 immigration case. He has been very professional in dealing paper works, communication and processing. Most importantly his personal briefing prior to my interview was a great help. All the stages regarding my case proceeded like clockwork and within the least possible time. Now that I have the Green Card for me and my family, I would definitely seek his service for my naturalization case when the time comes.

March 4, 2017

Everything they got the job done

5 stars

Michael Lin and associates were very professional. They made me feel at home. They got the job done and never gave up on me.. Thank you for everything. They know the laws inside out. BIG THANK YOU TO ALL
Posted by Jennifer

February 26, 2017

Attorney Michael Lin was a great lawyer very knowledgeable of current laws and made me feel at ease understanding my case step by step. Any questions I had him and his assistant were very helpful in answering all my questions. Very thankful for him to have been able to represent me.


January 26, 2017

Michael was absolutely amazing with my husband and I throughout the entire application process. On our first visit to his office, he reviewed our documentation and just guided us 100%. Whenever we had questions or concerns, Michael and his staff were always available to answer questions at all times. When the time came to submit our paperwork, it was sumitted quickly and we received notices from both USCIS as well as Michael’s office, kept us posted the entire time. They pretty much walked us through the entire process, answered all of our questions, and allowed us to feel at ease during this time. When it was time for our interview, Michael called us into his office to get us ready, give us some brief examples of how it would go so we would feel more comfortable. I was recently approved to become a permanent resident and since we are moving locations, I was afraid that my card would get lost in the process. Luckily, Michael changed my new address right away and received my card in the mail last night :)! Thanks to Michael and his staff, the application process went smoothly and glad to have had the opportunity to work with a group of people who truly care about their clients. We cannot thank him enough for everything he has done for us. Thank you Michael!

January 12, 2017

News from Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services

Victory for Pro Bono Lawyers

Salvadoran Family Granted Asylum in the United States

Thanks to the pro bono representation of Michelle Mendez and, Tina Nafisi and Junou Odige, students from the Catholic University School of Law, and volunteer attorney Michael Lin, a woman and her family from El Salvador overcame the one-year filing deadline and received asylum status in the United States. The woman and two of her children fled El Salvador because of gang threats. The gang targeted the son for recruitment and the family on account of their religious opinion.  The family also was targeted because of their relationship to the father who previously worked as a Salvadoran police officer.  The mother reported the threats to the police, who told her to flee the country.  The woman fled to the United States with her daughter; and her son came to the United States separately. Students from the Catholic University School of Law Immigration Clinic successfully applied for asylum on behalf of the mother and her two children present in the United States. Following the asylum win, Michelle represented the son on a motion to dismiss the removal proceedings, which was recently granted. Michael petitioned for her husband and children to follow and join her in the United States.  Michael also sought a successful motion to reopen in the daughter’s case who had unknowingly received an in absentia removal order due to the varied procedural posture in their cases. The family is deeply grateful for the representation of their pro bono lawyers.  Thank you all for helping this family!

January 5, 2017

Highly recommended

If you are looking for the best immigration lawyer call Michael Lin right now!

My mom and I chose Michael as our attorney 4 years ago and we don’t regret a single thing. Mr.Lin and his entire team did a great job from the beginning of our case and they were always there with us throughout the entire process. We never had a hard time communicating thanks to his staff. I really appreciate their honesty and their ability to meet their promises and goals. Thank you guys for being there for us and we will see y’all again in few years!


January 4, 2017

US Citizenship

Mr.Michael and his staff provided very excellent services throughout the process in a timely manner. The communication on each incident for the case was very active and fast. I would recommend Mr.Michael and his staff for any immigration case to anyone.


December 29, 2016

Michael is best lawyer for immigration cases in United States

Michael was really professional at his work and he gives proper time and listen to his clients carefully and go in depth of each and every case. Our case was little hard but the day one we talked to Michael we were sure that our case is in good hands. And we were successful. So I highly recommend Mr Michael to everyone for there Immigration cases.


December 6, 2016

Smart, responsive, friendly immigration lawyer

Michael is a friendly guy who always had intelligent answers to our questions as we went through the immigration process. Although we were an easy case, he would still usually answer our after-hours emails promptly. Michael and his staff were even happy to rush our paperwork so that we can get the travel card as quick as possible.


December 4, 2016

Michael is great.

Michael is knowledgable and has great passion in immigration laws. And he is extremely good at responding emails, which can ease a client’s nerves. My case was very straightforward but Michael still treated it very sincerely. I would like to recommend Michael to people who have immigration needs.


November 30, 2016

Excellent Lawyer

I do have to say Mr. Michael is a very good lawyer. He listens to your needs and solves your needs. From the beginning you know he will back you up and support you. All the advise I received from him were spot on and I highly recommend him. Again Thank You for your Help!


November 16, 2016

I was referred to Mr. Michael W Lin by a friend and I must say, my husband and I are very glad we decided to have him represent our case. Mr. Lin is an outstanding attorney and gives detailed attention to each case. Both him and his entire team are extremely prompt, professional and knowledgeable. You will never have the trouble of not being able to reach them in time of need. He helped us out throughout the application process and gave us very candid advice. I would highly recommend Mr. Lin to anyone looking for immigration help/consultation/representation.


November 5, 2016

Michael and his team know exactly what to do and how to do if very professional and at a reasonable cost. You feel like a friend once you met him and his team.


September 7, 2016

We are so pleased to have chosen Mr. Lin and his team to take care of our Legal Work. Michael especially was such a pleasure to work with, very knowledgeable and he genuinely cared about our case. We would be remissed if we did not send this favourable review.


May 2, 2016

First of all, am taking this opportunity to express my profound gratitude to Attorney Michael W. Lin. To my own opinion Attorney Michael W. Lin is one of the best of all Attorneys in America. He is very honest to his customers and treat them with dignity and respect. He can do what other Attorneys can not do. He worked with me for my adopted son’s case. It’s was a very tough and difficult case, but Attorney Michael worked with me to success for my adopted son and now my adopted son Ibrahim has got his Green Card approval.

Today I am recommending every body who is looking for an excellent Immigration Attorney to come or call Attorney Michael W. Lin who lives in Arlington, Virginia. Thank you again Attorney Michael W. Lin for helping and working hard for me and my adopted son, God bless you.


March 25, 2016

Got it done…

I can’t say enough positive things about Michael W. Lin, PC and his team. I totally would recommend Mr. Lin to anyone needing help with Immigration issues or navigating through the complexity of the system. Mr. Lin and his team was great in keeping me informed with every aspect of the case and helped me through the process. They were quick in responding to my questions and concerns. I became a citizen of the United States on March 23, 2016.

I will always recommend them to anyone needing an attorney and law firm, I strongly know that they will always do an excellent job.


February 10, 2016

Michael Lin was a great help in our k visa application. He was prompt and kind, returning our emails very quickly. He was very reassuring through out the application. Thanks!


January 28, 2016 


Dear Mike,

It’s all done and I got my US citizenship yesterday!

I am extremely grateful for all the wonderful work you did for me and my wife starting with the Green Card several years ago and right through the citizenship application and its successful –and speedy– outcome. Please convey my gratitude also to Janya and anybody else you may have involved in working on my and my wife’s applications.

I look forward to staying in touch and to seeing you again soon.



January 26, 2016 

I am really impressed with their professional work and experience. Michael took care of my case. It was a difficult case as he told and I admit that my case was really tough.He prepared a lot of documents for me and followed up with my case time to time. it took quite long time.Finally , I got my E-2 approved! I was really happy and grateful. With his vision and experience, my case turned out safe and great!.  I highly recommend for those who have any problems with immigration visa. Thanks again for your hard work Micheal!!


January 20, 2016 

Hello Michael

It is with tremendous happiness I inform you that I have received my Permanent Residency card through mail.  It is beyond my words to express the gratitude I have towards you and your team.  I will keep in touch and hope for all the best for you.

This will finally allow me to get better opportunities and allow me to go visit my family back home.  Thank you so much!!!


January 6, 2016 

Mr. Lin and his team provided absolutely excellent and professional service to me and my husband’s case.  Our case was not very strong. Mr. Lin carefully reviewed the case, provided excellent counsel in collecting the support documents, and went through the whole package before submitting to make sure all the important things were addressed.   Without his help, I couldn’t made it to my H1B and later Green Card approval!  Mr. Lin is very pleasant to work with. He always respond my inquiries in timely manner. He is very transparent. He tells all the truth about the case and provided very professional advice on it.  My husband and I are very grateful to Mr. Lin and his team’s (Janya, Ha, etc.) assistances in our case. We highly recommend Braverman & Lin Law Firm for any immigration cases!



September 18, 2015

My wife and I are so grateful to Mr. Lin for helping me gain my green card. My situation was a unique one, as a matter of fact my case was one of the most difficult immigration cases. My ordeal started 20 years ago when my wife started filing for my green card. Prior to finding Mr. Lin, our case was being handled by another attorney who failed to exhibit any surety and therefore could not gain our trust. Due to the complexity of my case we decided to do an extensive research for immigration lawyers and we finally settled on Braverman and Lin.

We met with Mr. Lin and we were welcome into a warm sense of security and guarantee. During Mr. Lin’s consultation we immediately knew he was the lawyer we had been searching for. In just a few minutes he instilled trust, confidence, and peace of mind about our situation, where other lawyers were pessimistic, cold, or condescending. We narrated our situation to Mr. Lin and without hesitation he gave us his word that his firm would see us through this difficult case. Our situation was a unique one and we were concerned about the seriousness of our case. At one point we were left with no hope, odds were stacked up heavily against us with no hope of light at the end of the tunnel. Mr. Lin skillfully exhibited professionalism and compassion in all of our exchanges and we knew right away he would make the positive difference in our immigration case. In the beginning my wife and I thought this was one of those “feel good” promises that attorneys give their clients to settle them down. But as time went on, we noticed that Mr. Lin’s professionalism, attention to details, and integrity towards his work was undoubtedly clear. Mr. Lin filed the right responses, and supported his responses with detailed documentation and in the end, success was achieved.

Mr. Lin always responded promptly to our questions and was very clear about all aspects of the application, filing, and interview process. I couldn’t imagine a better experience and we are so grateful to Mr. Lin for taking what I imagined to be a near-impossible situation and making it a success story. I will recommend Mr. Lin to anyone, any day, anytime.



December 2, 2015 

Outstanding Lawyer

Mr. Lin provided outstanding service to me for my immigration case. The case was challenging and very intricate in nature. He spent the time with me going reviewing my case and providing me with excellent counsel. He brought in experts, where needed, to ensure all of the possibilities were covered. He and his staff were very thorough in the completion and accuracy of all paperwork. He kept me informed every step of the way. He ensured I understood all the actions he was taking and obtained my permission to do so. Mr. Lin was very responsive to my phone calls and inquiries when I had questions. Mr. Lin is very compassionate and a pleasure to work with. He and his staff exuded nothing but professionalism and caring when working with me on my case. I can proudly say that I am an American citizen today because of the great work done by Mr. Lin and his staff. I would highly recommend him to my friends or anyone needing his services. He is wonderful and a lawyer I can fully trust.


November 4, 2015 

I would highly recommend Michael Lin as an immigration lawyer. He handled my immigration case successfully, which was fairly complex, with precision and unparalleled professionalism. Michael has also been an able guide for me to understand the American legal system. He has shown compassion and empathy that is rare among lawyers, especially immigration lawyers. Throughout the process, Michael was transparent and explained all options to me. He would then provide sound advice and explain the rationale. With years of legal expertise and working knowledge of the system, he demonstrated good judgment and always kept my best interests in mind. Knowing that I had financial difficulty, Michael and his office made a fair payment schedule compared to my previous immigration lawyer, who mishandled my case and took my 100 % deposit money for no work, Michael’s office has been a breath of fresh air in terms of professionalism, empathy and having the clients best interest in mind. I am grateful to have met Michael and his team.


October 10, 2015 

Michael helped me and my wife through the Green Card process.  He was great to work with and thanks to him, everything went extremely smooth.  We would highly recommend his services to anyone.


October 2, 2015 

Mr. Lin is the best lawyer that I have met. My H1B case probably was the most difficult case because I’m the only employee in the company.  The USCIS requested a lot of evidences (4 pages long). Mr. Lin discussed with me almost 2 months to finish almost 100 pages of the evidence. Mr. Lin filed the response with the USCIS less than 2 weeks ago and now I just got the petition approved. Mr. Lin did his best for me, and he is the best.


September 29, 2015

Mr. Lin not only did a great job in helping me with our immigration case, but even helped us after we were no longer a client!

We had to clear border control one late night after a long flight from China. I was inappropriately stopped by border agents due to “paperwork issue”, and was detained for over 7 hours. Michael got in touch with us at 10:30 at night and immediately got in touch with the agent, helping clear the issues. I am forever grateful for his late night help in this difficult circumstance!


August 20, 2015

I have to start by saying that I highly recommend Mr. Lin’s services as a lawyer. I have been a client for many years, not because it took too long, but because of his hard work, persistence and knowledge. Everyday I thank him and his team for helping me with my case. He never gave up on my family’s case. I met at least 4 other lawyers that wanted a ridiculous amount of money and very little hope on my case. I know every case it’s unique, but going through this with Mr. Lin he proved that all we have left is hope and to stay strong. He has a great personality, well educated, and respectful, remembers everything about your case . Despite all the clients he has he was focused and determined to win. I wish him and his team many successful stories!!! Thanks to Janya for being so nice to me and my family. Don’t keep looking he is the lawyer you need !!! My family are eternally grateful to Mr. Lin.


August 6, 2015

My experience
He is really good at immigration matters. He is really busy, but still deals all cases equally. He will give time to explain clearly and then he will work on it. He will not give instant answers unless he reviews total case. Once he go through the case then he will do the needful and deals all critical cases. Really thankful to you Mike.


June 10, 2015 

RE: Honest Review

If your immigration case gets complicated, your worries are at peak and you can take one wrong decision that can ruin your immigration history. Honestly, you need a trustworthy and knowledgeable attorney to avoid such situations.

When I talked to Mr. Lin, I was so stressed that I was ready to leave next day to my home country. He really educated me about my case and assured me what I was entitled to and also explained me the worst case outcome. He studied my case and evaluated it in detail and asked me “LEAVE YOUR WORRIES ON MY TABLE”.

Today, I am back in the US with 7th year extension in my H1B case. This really makes me think now that I was not alone and he actually did all for me and did it correctly. I appreciate his extra efforts that he put in presenting my case. He is an honest and truthful professional. I was completely comfortable discussing my case in text, email and over the phone with him. I liked his whole team and my employer was impressed with the documentation that we received during and at the end of the case from Mr. Lin’s office.

I strongly recommend him to all who seek solutions for their messed up immigration cases. If you want to initiate filing fresh cases, you will definitely see trouble free results at a reasonable cost. Those who seek the cheapest rates end up paying more to fix their cases. Mr. Lin realized this fact and offered huge discount in my case. I will go with him for the remaining part of my GC processing.


June 10, 2015

RE: Excellent Service from H-1B to Green Card

Mr. Lin helped me throughout my whole process, from the application of the H1B visa to the approval of my permanent resident card.

He is very professional and always on top of things. I am very glad I had him on my side.


March 23, 2015

My journey began 15 years ago. You have been with me in every step of the way… to get here.

Today is my big day!

You were with me all the way and I want to take the time to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

You think you provide a service…

For us… it’s more than a service, it is the guidance and the trust needed to reach … the goal.



February 11, 2015 

Letter of Recommendation

I am a Romanian citizen who is married an American citizen. We married on the spur of the moment and I appealed to Mr. Michael W. Lin, at Braverman & Lin, to support the procedures for me to receive a greencard.

I am absolutely grateful for the impeccable way in which the whole process took place: the professionalism in following the necessary steps, as well as the warm personal attitude; the focus on every detail, the careful consideration of the best approach to every aspect involved.

The considerable paperwork was taken care of by the firm and there was no delay in any of the steps all along.

The preparation for the interview, more precisely the advice about what elements to highlight and document in the discussion with the immigration authorities, proved to be extremely useful and to the point. Nothing more was needed or required than we had been told by Mr. Michael W.Lin. That is why everything happened as ideally expected, and thus I had the greencard in my hand in less than four months after the application. That timing was the more important for me as I had to travel professionally about a months after that, a trip which would have been impossible without my greencard.

I am specifically grateful to Michael W. Lin and the Braverman & Lin assistant Janya Muakwan for this successful outcome. My experience with them left me with a great admiration for their expertise, efficiency and personal empathy.


January 20, 2015 


Michael did my NIW case. His strong knowledge, and professional experience made my case successful and got approval in about three months. After that whenever I need legal help, I ask him and he legally support me. I trust him in all legal issues.


January 9, 2015 

Just received my green card approval letter and would like to thank Michael and his team especially Janya for all their hard work. Early 2011 I was in the removal proceedings and worked with another “good” lawyer that didn’t give me any hope to stay in this country. My case was pretty difficult and a friend of mine suggested to see Michael. He is trustworthy, very smart and knowledgeable attorney and made me feel comfortable. He consistently put a lot of effort into my case for almost four years and finally the best result. I highly recommend Michael Lin to anyone who needs any kind of immigration help. I will definitely be back using his services for my citizenship and family members.


January 3, 2015 

Michael and his entire team was very helpful & thorough during the entire application process. They were quick to respond to any queries via email and have always been available via phone to answer questions. Recently I experienced a rather unique immigration issue and Michael was available ( via phone) outside of his work hours to help me tackle the issue.

They have also been proactive,e.g they provided me with checklist of items to gather or prepare before any ensuing step ( of the application process) to save me time as well as facilitate the application process entirely. The team treated me as more than just a client. The team’s customer service approach is based on respect coupled with friendliness. They emailed me all the pertinent documents ( for my records) as soon as it arrived at their office. They kept me fully informed during the entire application process.

Their fees are rather modest in comparison to all the service ( sometimes beyond the requirement) they provide to their clients. Henceforth, I highly recommend their service to any potential clients as I intend to seek their legal advice in the future.


December 10, 2014

My family’s case was very complicated. We needed a lawyer who could manage a process with many moving parts and that had been dragging on for years.

Michael Lin and his legal team helped me develop a long-term strategy and gently guided me when I needed to make complicated decisions. He even talked me back from making wrong choices when the right choices appeared to be counterintuitive.

They were there for me all the way.

US immigration law is complex and filled with pitfalls. You shouldn’t leave anything to chance. That’s why you need a good legal team to represent you and that’s why I wholeheartedly recommend Michael Lin and his practice.


November 16, 2014

Mr. Lin has helped me with all three stages of my permanent residency application, two renewals of my H1B petitions and invaluable advice and guidance for my wife’s immigration issues. He guided me meticulously throughout my application processes resulting in problem-free and timely results (as per immigration timeline). He responded promptly to emails and phone calls and arranged to meet with us even with short notice. He was willing to go above and beyond the basic requirements and once wrote a one page letter/recommendation for my wife within a day to help her case and visa reapplication; and this was due to another immigration issue that was unrelated to the case he was handling for me. His colleagues are also very friendly and helpful. They are fast, courteous and willing to explain everything.

Thank you, Mr. Lin.


October 28, 2014

Dear Michael Lin/Janya,

Thank you very much for all you’ve done for us. after trying many other attorneys and figure out that it was no way out and no hope left, we find you. With your professionally way, you help us to finish our difficult journey. Our dreams couldn’t come true with out your help. It’s a miracle!

Thanks again!

God bless you!

Victor and Gloria

October 15, 2014

Hi Michael,

You will always be the best of best lawyer I ever met. and I will never forget all the effort and trust you put on my case. You believe in me when everything was looking so dark around me. I will keep in touch as I continue with my journey in the U.S.

Thank you so much Michael. Thank you, thank you, thank you


October 1, 2014

Mr Lin
I wanted to thank you for your legal advice for my sister’s immigration case. It was a long wait of 12 years but with your knowledge and experience she finally got her green card and is now in US. I strongly recommend your law firm to all my friends and family.


September 20, 2014

My husband and I had the best experience thanks to Micheal Lin. He is a great lawyer, very knowledgeable, and really cares about his clients. He helped us throughout every step of our green card application, and greencard interview.

I recommend his services to whomever is looking for legal advises, and a lawyer that cares.


August 25, 2014

For my brother immigration case, I had legal advise from Attorney Mr. Michael W. Lin, who has tremendous immigration law knowledge to deal immigration cases. He has provided me legal advise to get them Immigration Visa (Green Card) for my brother and his family. I strongly recommend Braverman & Lin Law Firm for any Immigration cases.


July 10, 2014

From: HR
Subject: Job Well Done!!

Mr. Lin and his staff are exceptionally knowledgeable and pleasant to work with. Not only do they get the job done, but they get it done with a smile. We are fortunate to have met Mike. His firm has handled numerous complicated immigration matters for us over the years. Job well done!


June 6, 2014

Subject: Thanks.

I really wanted to thank you again for your direction & persistence while helping me through the H1B process. You truly made things go simpler than I had anticipated and your astute direction is truly appreciated.


March 9, 2014

Subject: Thanks.

I really wanted to thank you again for your direction & persistence while helping me through the H1B process. You truly made things go simpler than I had anticipated and your astute direction is truly appreciated.


January 4, 2014

Dear Michael.

Today we’ve received Green Card by mail. Our struggle is finally over, we won! We want to thank you and your office staff for your job, guidance and support. We appreciated your help and want to reflect it in our client testimony.


December 14, 2013

I would like to thank you for your help through my GC process. Everything was so easy with you and your knowledgeable team. I highly recommend Michael Lin and his team to anyone who is looking for immigration related help.


December 10, 2013

I would like to thank you for your continued support with my case. You have been very prompt and consistent with this whole process. Your whole staff, esp. Janya, have been nothing but kind to me and I deeply appreciate it. Thank you so much.


December 4, 2013

Subject: Successful

I am very happy all my case that Mr. Michael Lin and team handle for me all the process was smooth and success. He work fast and very detail with all process and he give a lot good advise for me so what can I say, BIG thank you from me and next time I will use him again if need the legal advise in the future. Thank you Michael


November 22, 2013

Subject: Highly Recommended Law Firm

I am genuinely impressed by the professional and problem solving approach taken by Mr. Michael Lin and Ms. Johanna Torres in dealing with my sister’s immigration issue. We will recommend Michael and his team to everyone for any immigration issue without a slightest bit of hesitation.

Michael patiently listened to our problem and jumped to the point right away. He did not give us false comfort or anything of that sort. Systematically he laid down the next steps he was going to take, along with possible responses from the immigration authorities and his counter-responses. Furthermore, he told us exactly what to do in terms of gathering evidence and documentation, and even gave us detailed guidelines.

After the case was set up properly, we primarily talked to Michael’s equally competent co-worker Johanna. She patiently guided us through the process of taking and writing statements, obtaining and compiling supporting evidence, and other processes as required in an immigration proceeding.

During the entire process, we sent a number of e-mails to Michael and Johanna, which were promptly replied. Any confusion or concern we had was addressed right away.

As a result of their extremely competent and professional work, my sister got her Green Card within four months of our first meeting with Michael (within two months of filing, despite the government shutdown). We were anticipating a long and protracted dealing with the USCIS, or even going before an immigration judge. Thanks to the problem solving approach taken by Michael and Johanna, we didn’t have to go through that pain.

In addition to outstanding legal services we received, making an appointment too was a breeze. Just one phone call, and the courteous and knowledgeable receptionist booked us right away for a slot available next day.The fees were also very reasonable (even the initial consultation fee was subtracted from the final legal fee once we hired the firm).

Therefore, if anyone has an immigration problem, giving a call to Michael and his team will be one of the smartest decision you will ever make. Please do so and see it for yourself.


November 18, 2013

Subject: Very Happy

I approached Michael 5 years ago when I was going through a tough time with my green card, I felt at ease immediately after talking to him. He showed immense knowledge of the process and I felt confident that I made the right choice for handling my case. During the entire process he was very patient with answering a lot of my questions and I learned a lot about the law. I received my green card this year and this could not have been possible if not for him and his staff.

I would highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for immigration expertise.


November 4, 2013

Subject: Wonderful Outcome

Michael Lin and his team are excellent. If anyone is looking for an immigration lawyer, please give Michael a call because he is highly recommended. My husband got detained during his immigration interview due to an exclusion order. His case was complicated. It was an experience that I will never forget. It was very frustrating for me and my children. He was detained for two months.

Michael went above and beyond in assisting my family. He never gave up on my husband’s case. The whole staff were always very accommodating and understanding of my situation and responded as quickly as possible. When immigration requested for more evidence, Michael and his staff made sure everything was submitted on time and within less than two weeks we had good news. My husband was not only free but he was also getting his green card.

Michael, I want you to know how much I appreciate your legal help and how much you have changed my husband’s life. It took my husband 22 years to solve his immigration problems. He has been to several lawyers and no one could help him but you were able to help him. I will forever remember your help. Now my husband can live a life without fear.

On behalf of my family, I want to say a big thank you to you and your team for your professionalism and a job well done. I will surely recommend you to anyone who needs an immigration lawyer in a heart beat.


October 15, 2013

Subject: Highly Recommend!

We retained Michael Lin and his team, an Immigration Attorney at Braverman & Lin, to put together and file an E2 visa application for an employee who we planned to hire. Michael quoted us a reasonable flat fee for this service, and he and his team delivered great service for that fee. They compiled all of the information quickly and filed the E2 visa application as quickly as possible. They listened patiently to our questions and answered them all in a very professional manner. They responded to emails at all hours, and they worked hard to ensure that the visa was granted as quickly as possible. They communicated with us at every step of the process to ensure that we always knew the status of the application. I highly recommend Michael Lin and B&L team. I will use them again for future immigration law needs.


October 4, 2013

I recently successfully processed a N-400 from People’s Republic of China in only a year time.

Attorney Lin and his very competent team took me in charge from beginning to the end. They can deal swiftly with Chinese and American technicalities seamlessly. Even with the government shutdown they could get through and gave me all the necessary support to keep things work following schedule!

It’s more than an attorney’s office behind your case, they are supporting friends through all difficulties from start to finish. I strongly recommend their services without reservation.

Great thank you again!


September 18, 2013

We reached out Michael Lin and his office for help in applying for a green card. Our case wasn’t a very complicated one but yet very stressful to us. Michael and Janya are not only extremely professional and knowledgeable but also very sensitive in handling cases. They realize how personal everything is to you in immigration related services and act accordingly; respond immediately and make you and your family comfortable in this stressful process. Michael took his time to prepare us for our final interview. He is very meticulous; he makes sure that you know the procedure step by step and make you feel confident. Michael and his team are very committed in representing you in the most professional way possible. I am very thankful to each of them and I will definitely recommend them to anyone needing immigration services.


August 2, 2013

After many previous experiences with other immigration attorneys for my residency permits, the experience of working with Michael Lin and his associates to manage my US naturalization process was uncomplicated, quick and easy. Fees were quite reasonable, and the people I worked with were both professional as well as pleasant.


July 23, 2013

I can’t believe that I have received the Green Card so quickly! This was only possible because Michael Lin is an outstanding lawyer, because of his and his team’s professionalism and involvement into the smallest case details. Michael is always so helpful and willing to explain everything and to find the best approach to make the immigration process faster and smoother. All my family and me are very grateful for the great job that Michael Lin has done for us! We don’t think we could find a better lawyer elsewhere. We highly recommend Michael Lin and his team. Michael, thank you very much!


July 8, 2013

From my H1-B transfer years ago to my Citizenship that I have just obtained, Michael Lin, Janya and all the team were next to me, always ready to help, answer my questions and to pave me the best route to success! I haven’t met any other legal team so knowledgeable, professional and so thoughtful! Michael Lin also helped my family members with their immigration proceedings, and it was always successfully completed! Mr. Lin, I am so grateful for your and your team’s help and support in this long immigration process, for being so responsive and friendly, for the work you’ve done during all those years… You are the best immigration lawyer I have ever met in my life! Thank you so much!!!


June 4, 2013

I can write a whole bunch of good stuff about Mr. Michael Lin but I would try to summarize my experience/thoughts that I had with Mr. Michael with you all. If you are looking for a friendly, knowledgeable, intelligent and an experienced attorney you are at the right spot. I changed two attorneys before I hired Mr. Michael Lin as my Immigration attorney and I wish I could’ve hired him way back when I started my Immigration case in 2001. My immigration case was twisted/messed up due to my previous attorneys – both of them are just money pits and had no courtesy/care/sympathy for their clients or for their money or for their emotional condition. It took me almost 13 years to get my green card because I didn’t have a good lawyer like Mr. Michael, otherwise I could’ve gotten my green card almost 7 or 8 years ago. I was in the removal proceedings and Michael helped me out of that situation and also helped me for adjustment of my status (green card). Highly recommended for all my friends/family members.


May 14, 2013

Over and above the respectful treatment of a very anxious client, the “Group”, Michael, Thu and Janya, and Alex, the thorough and discreet knowledge, professionalism is highly appreciated — during the process of waiting until the final good news.

I went through a complex experience that included two external lawyers in Maryland and California, and Michael was in full cooperation to let the process of straightening up my case leading to my green card.

Yes, I appreciate the deep and comfortable knowledge and experience of Mr. Lin as a very reliable immigration counselor.

Very Grateful. I will not hesitate to recommend Braverman & Lin for immigration needs.


May 14, 2013
Subject: Wonderful!

Michael and Janya,

Thank you very much for your professional and extremely efficient service! My case was very complicated, but your advices, interview preparation and support made whole process quick and smooth for me. Needless to say, I always have fast and professional answers to any questions I had (and I had a lot of them). I will definitely recommend your company for anyone requiring immigration related services. Thank you!

Vlad S.

May 3, 2013
Subject: A Great Outcome!

Mr. Lin and Janya,
I cannot thank you enough for all the help we received from your services. We went through this immigration process with no errors or delays; all because of your guidance and your professional commitment. Moreover, I want to say that I felt like I was accompanied through every step by a friend instead of just by a business relationship.

Thanks to you all, one thousand times more. We did it!


May 2, 2013

I worked with Michael Lin on two separate cases dealing with H-1B and Perm Residency. Being a State Agency, we had some different criteria to meet to make sure all state rules were met. Mr. Lin was patient, expedient and also kept all clients informed of progress and what was needed and when. His services will definitely be used by our agency if needed in the future. Thank You!


May 1, 2013

Michael Lin and his team are very professional and efficient. They are almost on 24/7 to help their clients. I highly recommend Braverman & Lin to anyone seeking outstanding legal services. Thank you!


March 10, 2013

Dear Michael,

I’m afraid I can’t properly express how thankful I am for the marvelous job you and your team did. To say that it was a great pleasure working with you is an understatement, and I’m even sad a little bit now that it is all over. Surely, I’ll spread the word and share my success story wherever possible, and give you 12 out of 10 grade if those webpages allow it :)

Many and more thanks on behalf of my entire family.


February 13, 2013

Subject: Braverman and Lin has their customers at heart

I had a tumultuous journey to getting my green card approved: It took about 4 years for us to get our first interview. And the first one was scheduled just to be rescheduled and canceled and rescheduled and canceled…(You get the picture). But in that journey, it was really comforting to have a supportive steady legal counsel from Braverman and Lin. Michael fought and fought for me the entire journey until I got it. I couldn’t have asked for a better lawyer. Super Thanks, Michael! We did it!


January 18, 2013

Subject: Highly recommended

I am a client of Braverman & Lin since 2007 and we had 3 applications processed in total. Last application was for permanent resident and I am very happy with the whole process as in my case decision was even quicker than I expected. I also got a chance to compare Braverman & Lin with another attorney from New York and I found Michael Lin’s services are far better. All responses are prompt and are almost given on 24×7 basis. I also highly recommend Mr Lin as a very professional person.

Thanks for the support Michael, hope to work with you again if needed.


January 14, 2013

I am pleased with Michael Lin’s advice and legal services for my family’s green card process. He was ready o give me all the answers to my questions properly through email or on the phone, even on the weekends.

Thank you again for your help, Michael.


January 5, 2013

Michael Lin’s office has been very professional and efficient at processing my wife’s immigrant visa. We are very grateful for their service in helping us navigate through the maze of procedures in a very painless manner. Michael has also been involved with my wife’s previous visa applications and has always been ready to provide his full services on her behalf. His sage advice and friendly demeanor has made all of our interactions very meaningful and pleasant. I highly recommend his office for anyone requiring immigration related services.


December 31, 2012

Good morning.
For the first time since 1993 I went to bed and woke up with no looming worries about my future or my children’s future. You have given me freedom that I thought I would never get. No amount of thanks will express my gratitude. Thank you for all that you have done. I will forever be grateful.



December 18, 2012

My husband and I are so pleased with the services and legal advice we received from Michael Lin and his team during my Permanent Resident application process. He was always available to give legal advice on the phone and through e-mail. Before my interview, he took the time to prepare us over the phone with an extensive list of questions and possible scenarios in order for us to be prepared. Needless to say, my interview took no longer than 15 minutes and we were approved on the spot. Because the professionalism of service and his accessibility at all times during my application process, I strongly recommend Michael Lin and his team.


December 11, 2012

Michael Lin and his team are fantastic to work with. I had been dealing with a complicated AOS issue and had already been denied when I found out about Michael on the web from previous cases he had successfully defended. I have to admit after my trials with other attorneys I was not too keen about spending money again. But the experience with Michael has been nothing short of wonderful. He will get to the point, will take time to research the issue and find convenient approaches to dealing with them. This requires time, but the results have been as far as I am concerned astounding. I have had the immigration officer compliment him during the interview for the memo he had prepared supporting my case. Through his hard work, my case was approved in four months whereas the prior attempts at adjusting my status had completely failed over the 15 prior months. Michael and his team prepared an I-485 filing in under a month and an emergency I-601 within three weeks. Sufficient to say, my case was approved within a week of the 601 being submitted.

I would strongly advise whoever is looking for an immigration attorney to give Michael and his team a call. He is always available and will deal with the issues with a unique brand of knowledge and practicality.


December 5, 2012

Subject: very happy and thankful to Michael Lin

I want to take this opportunity to thank Michael and his team for the help provided. I know Michael for a very long time from a friend who was helped by him. He was always very responsive and prompt in answering all my questions and provided the best advice for all my issues. Through his diligent efforts, I am finally a US citizen even if my situation was more complicated. Thank you, thank you Michael and all my best wishes!


November 25, 2012

I have been extremely satisfied with the exceptional service Braverman & Lin, P.C. provided me. Mr. Lin walked me through the whole process step by step, answering all and every question I had, keeping me informed of any relevant aspect of the ongoing process and finally, achieving our goal on getting the approval on the H1B visa. I have found his services prompt, efficient and would recommend him to any of my colleagues.


November 20, 2012

I tried a couple of immigration lawyers but had no luck obtaining a green card. One had no idea what to do, another backed out with a flimsy excuse and passed me to another who did not take time to listen or study my case. He had some worrisome attitude, was very angry and almost picked a fight with the agent at the interview; needless to say how things went after that. I researched online and found Michael Lin. I called him the next day, got an appointment immediately after that. He took on my case immediately. He never sugar-coated anything, he told me the way it was and promised to do his best. We started all over and little less than 4 months with him, I have my green card. I will not fail to mention his able team members. They all made me feel very welcome and took my case personally. Mr. Lin made me feel very relaxed all through the process, especially during the interview. He is very polite and respectful. I found the best immigration lawyer in him and will recommend him any day to anyone. Thank you, Michael Lin and his team members.


November 18, 2012

It’s a pleasant working with Braverman & Lin. They usually have pretty fast and professional response to any questions I had. There is once I need a document urgently, without that document I won’t be able to apply for my driver’s license. I contacted Janya Ham and she is able to let me received those document the very next day before holiday arrives. I think that is very amazing and a very quick response to client’s needs. Thank you !


November 12, 2012

I worked with other lawyers before my friend referred me to Michael Lin, and I am so glad he did. Michael Lin was able to solve my problem with Green Card application that other lawyers could not solve, and he got my application going fast after a year of stagnation that I had with previous lawyers. Michael Lin is an incredible attorney, very professional, knowledgeable and supportive. He always responds quickly and explains in layman terms what the situation is and what is the best way to handle it. I referred other members of my family and my friends to him, and he always did a great work. The same can be said about his assistant, Janya Ham, who is also very professional and supportive. I am so grateful for your help, and I can confirm that you are the best immigration lawyer that I have worked with!


September 20, 2012

Hi Michael and Janya, We had our interview and we passed with flying colors. The officer approved us on the spot! She said the green card will be mailed to us within 7-10 days.

Thanks again, we appreciate your help in making this an easy and efficient process. I think it was 2 months (to the day) for approval! Better than we could have ever wished for and better then every other person we have known to go through this process. Can’t thank you enough!


August 22, 2012

Atty. Michael Lin helped me with my immigration case to get my Permanent Residency here in the USA through employment . My Family and I were very thankful to him and to his office staff for working on my case . He was very truthful and he made it clear to me from the beginning that my case might take a long process.

He always made himself available if I had any questions, he keeps me on the loop if there was an update with my case, he educates me with every step I am going through with my petition, and he was very prompt in answering my emails.

I really like Atty. Lin’s professionalism and passion and dedication for his work. He really helped my family, a lot of my friends that I referred to him and even my current employer who also asked for his service.


August 22, 2012

On a summer Saturday night, after a month of traveling around Europe and Asia, I came back home only to be told by an immigration officer that my H1-B visa petition expires in two days. As I went through the secondary immigration line, I was given an I-94 only good for two days. Since it was the weekend and I had to leave the country on Monday, which was the next business day, I didn’t have much time to waste. Not understanding what was going on, since the actual visa expiration date was not until next year, I called Michael Lin on his cell phone. It was early Sunday morning, but I hoped that he could clear things up for me. After several phone conversations with him, we went together over my H1-B file and discussed the H1-B status approval letters. He noted that someone at the US embassy had made a major mistake while stamping the visa in my passport, and he then suggested that my only option, other than leaving the country within 24 hours, was to go back to the airport and talk to an immigration officer. And so I did! Thankfully I was able to resolve the problem, and a new I-94 was issued to me, which allows me to stay in the US for the duration of my H1-B visa. I must say, I am very thankful to Michael for taking some time off of his Sunday morning and advising me on this matter; this can only speaks for his dedication and the quality service he provides to his clients.


July 31, 2012

I have employer-sponsored green card application case. With previous attorney my employer had, it got nowhere in 3 years. When Michael took charge last November, I finally saw some professional attorney work; my every email was answered promptly, and I always had a clear understanding of what happens next. Michael has put a lot of work into my labor certification to have everything done in a right way, and guess what, it was approved in 2 months!

To summarize, with Michael in control of my case, I finally saw the light at the end of the tunnel, and have complete confidence in the final result.


April 13, 2012

Michael Lin is a great lawyer and extremely professional. The whole process of my green card application (H1B, Labor Cert, etc.) could not have been easier. Everything was broken down to a simple and easy to follow system. I felt comfortable and confident under Michael’s expertise.

He always returns your calls, doesn’t postpone things, and gets everything done ASAP.

I DEFINITELY recommend Michael and his team!

Sergei S.

March 29, 2012

As an F1 (International) student I had dealt with the visa application process and immigration attorneys in the past. My experiences have been less than pleasant to say the least.

Fortunate enough to have my employer sponsor me for an H-1B visa, I was looking for a competent attorney to help guide me through this process as quickly and painlessly as possible. I was under a time crunch when I contacted Michael (I contacted him in late November 2011 and my OPT was to end in February 2012). He was very sensitive to this by sending me the complete H1-B packet to be completed by my employer and I.

My situation was slightly special in that I work for a non-profit organization that is affiliated with an institution of higher education, but there was an issue of whether the affiliation was sufficient to qualify the term as defined by the immigration regulations. Michael took the time to explain in detail what that definition means and worked with me to make our situation work. Although our communication took place primarily through email, there was no delay and he (as well as his staff) was always quick to respond – even during the busy holiday season.

When the request for more evidence came back, I couldn’t help but think our chances for a positive decision were slim. Nevertheless, Michael worked diligently to gather all the documents necessary to satisfy the request for evidence and wrote a response. When my employer and I were getting anxious, his professional, but laid back manner helped reassure us. And in the end, it was a success!

I don’t think I would still be in the US without Michael’s help and hard work. What I appreciated most (on top of his hard work and long hours) is his patience, simple to understand communication (unfortunately I do not speak legalese), and the fact that he truly cares about his clients. I warmly recommend him to anyone in need of an immigration attorney.

March 27, 2012

Braveman & Lin has a great team working on the cases. I got my GC faster than any other applicant that I know of. They are very responsive and able to guide you through the process. I strongly recommend their service and give 5 stars.


January 30, 2012

Michael Lin was recommended to me by a friend, who had very complicated case, but Mr. Lin managed to help her to resolve her problem. My case did not go through smoothly as i wished it to be. I went through multiple lawyers and stress. My first interview was a failure and i decided to schedule an appointment with Michael Lin. His professionalism and care surprised me a lot, since the experience i had before was beyond ridiculous. Mr Lin spent almost 2 hours preparing me and my husband for the interview. This time we were well prepared and confident. My case was approved!!!!!! It was such a relief. I truly appreciated what he did for me and recommend him to all my friends.


January 16, 2012

Braveman & Lin was recommended to me by one of my best friends who has a success story as well. I had my interview and it went really great. Me and my husband were very well prepared by Mr Michael Lin, so we felt really confident. We got approved for my green card. Michael helped us a lot, he and his team answered all of our questions very quickly. He looked through my case very carefully , paying attention to all the details. I am very happy and will definitely recommend to any of my friends :)


December 5, 2011

My immigration case was more complicated than most. My father and I had already submitted our case with another lawyer before Mr. Lin, and our petition was not approved. Our lawyer said we would appeal, 2 years went by and he said we had to continue to wait. Our hope obviously diminished waiting for such a long time.

A very good acquaintance of my sister referenced us to Mr. Lin. He described him as very knowledgeable, professional, but more important honest.

We made an appointment to speak to Mr. Lin and we explained our situation to him, he told us our options and gave us his recommendations. The same day our family decided that Mr. Lin would be our legal representative. Today I can honestly say that was one of, if not the best decision we have ever made. Every compliment we had ever heard of Mr. Lin was correct.

After we submitted our paperwork we waited about a month for our biometrics appointment. Then came our permit that allowed us to work legally. Less than a month later we received a notice for our immigration appointment. I clearly remember when we had our preparation appointment with Mr. Lin he said “If you can pass my test you will pass theirs”. He reviewed every question he thought they could ask us very carefully and thoroughly. We thought we were prepared. Just 2 days before our interview my father came up with more questions he felt unsure about. I called Mr. Lin’s office and asked if we could meet once again, he accepted. After that meeting my father and I felt totally comfortable and prepared. Our interview was on a Tuesday, we received our green card the next Wednesday! Not even 2 weeks!

I would recommend Mr. Lin to anyone who is in need of a professional and respected lawyer.


September 12, 2011

After my labor certificate was granted, it took only 4 mos! to receive Green Card for me and my family. Mr. Lin is a real immigration attorney who knows everything to get Green Card smoothly without frustration. In fact, because of his rich expertise and adequate precaution, I did not face any piece of problem, which I believe definitely expedited my entire process. He was always responsive to my questions, some of which were urgent. His timely advices helped me avoid hidden pitfalls which might be critical. Without him, I might be still struggling like my friend who hired OK-level attorney.

In this country, there are so many attorneys. Although they all have qualifications, the quality of their services are never identical. If you really want to make sure your future in this country, Mr. Lin is definitely your choice.


September 2, 2011

Many lawyer firms turned me down when I needed help. According to them, I had no case and they didn’t want to waste their time with me. I had no much hope left when I contacted BRAVERMAN & LIN, PC. Not only they took my case but I gained confidence and my hope back. They are professionals who truly care about their clients. I am thankful for all their help and after all is done I can say it was a great experience. I referred it to my friend and I would refer it to anyone who needs help.


August 27, 2011

It will be a great pleasure to give testimony on behalf of Braverman and Lin PC and share our personal pleasant experience over the past 6 years working with them. This law office has been helping us since 2005 on all our immigration needs.

We were introduced to this firm through a friend when my wife who was on H-4 at that time graduated from Dental School. Usually attorneys and Lawyers do not meet you and give advice on any matter for free. But Mr. Michael Lin met us for exactly an hour and a half for our first meeting and clearly talked about the whole immigration process and helped us to understand everything very clearly without charge. Further more we have reached out to him so many times over the phone and e-mail with queries and clarifications, and every time he would respond in detail giving clarifications without hesitation.

The best thing with the folks in this office is that, they are very easily accessible and can be reached over phone, cell phone or e-mail. You will see a response from them back promptly same day or if it needs a little research within next day at the most. But, will always get a response back.

Also, in my wife’s case the petitioner was a group based out of Florida, it was a difficult scenario to explain these guys the immigration process. Mr. Lin on our request took time to talk to the HR personnel over there and explained the H1-B application process, required fee from their end to make it easier on our end being a beneficiary to obtain all the required documentation with out any hassle. So, you can see that Mr. Lin and their attorneys stand by you and own the responsibility and treat it as their own. I am sure they will give the same undivided attention to every case they deal.

When ever we had to renew our status, they have always worked proactively and promptly, advising right methods and means with seamless clear communication as and when needed and in good turn around time.

We have used this office for our H1-B, Green Card processing, EAD, Advance Parole ad AC-21. On each and every instance when they applied or renewed, the documentation was prepared thoroughly and always done right. Even, when the application or documentation is prepared by one of their attorneys working in the office, Mr. Michael Lin reviews the complete document before it goes out in mail. We have experienced this in our case, as when ever we rushed them to submit our application, they would stand firm on reviewing twice before it is put out in mail.

Finally, we would strongly recommend who ever is looking for a good, knowledgeable Immigration attorney to hire this firm for your immigration needs. No second thoughts about it. Like us you will be glad you chose this team.

We personally thank Mr. Michael Lin, Ms. Thu Ha and Ms. Janya for diligently working on our case and eventually helping us to get through with our permanent resident status

The above testimony is solely written based on our experience. If anybody needs confirmation they can reach us @

Suresh & Latha
Fredericksburg, VA