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Section 13 Green Card Approvals for Diplomats

October 2022

BRAVLIN LAW FIRM is pleased to announce the approval of the green card applications under Section 13 for former diplomats and their families. Section 13 of the Immigration and Nationality Act (INA) was created by Congress in 1957 to allow for individuals who entered the United States under diplomatic status to obtain a green card when there exist compelling reasons why the diplomat or their immediate families are unable to return to the country which accredited them as a diplomat.

For many diplomats, return to their home country after a regime change will mean imprisonment, torture, and even execution on account of their affiliation with the former government. In the case of diplomats who served the former government of their home country, they face persecution and certain death at the hands of the new regime if they were forced to return to their home country. The expedited processing and approval of these applications demonstrates the U.S. government's commitment to protecting our allies.

Our clients and their families can now live and work in safety in the United States permanently as they rebuild their lives after the unimaginable loss of their home to extremists.

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