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BRAVLIN LAW FIRM is pleased to announce the successful approval of a National Interest Waiver green card petition. The foreign national is a leading expert in development and design of biosensors. Biosensors can be used in the detection of pathogens to ensure treatment and prevention of the spread of illnesses. Biosensors, particularly those that can be easily mass-produced and available directly to the consumer, have become increasingly important in the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. With the approval of this National Interest Waiver, the United States has gained a valuable expert who will continue to work in the field of biosensors, benefitting the U.S. immeasurably as we improve our healthcare system overall and improve our preparedness for future pandemics.

An interesting side issue in this case is "cross chargeability" or "alternate chargeability". Specifically, the client is an Indian national and under the current preference categories for EB-2, the client would still need to wait many years for their visa number to become available. However, since the client's spouse is a non-Indian, the client and his spouse are eligible to apply for the green card under the spouse's country of chargeability, which is much faster than that for Indian nationals. If you have any questions about NIW or "cross chargeabiilty" or "alternate chargeability", please call us. 

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PARTNER Kendall Niles has been employed with BRAVLIN since 2018. Kendall has represented clients in various proceedings before the Immigration Courts. In addition to her experience in deportation defense, Kendall has also represented clients in family-based petitions, adjustment of status, waivers,...


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