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“The experience with Michael has been nothing short of wonderful.”

Michael Lin and his team are fantastic to work with. I had been dealing with a complicated AOS issue and had already been denied when I found out about Michael on the web from previous cases he had successfully defended. I have to admit after my trials with other attorneys I was not too keen about spending money again. But the experience with Michael has been nothing short of wonderful. He will get to the point, will take time to research the issue and find convenient approaches to dealing with them. This requires time, but the results have been as far as I am concerned astounding. I have had the immigration officer compliment him during the interview for the memo he had prepared supporting my case. Through his hard work, my case was approved in four months whereas the prior attempts at adjusting my status had completely failed over the 15 prior months. Michael and his team prepared an I-485 filing in under a month and an emergency I-601 within three weeks. Sufficient to say, my case was approved within a week of the 601 being submitted.

I would strongly advise whoever is looking for an immigration attorney to give Michael and his team a call. He is always available and will deal with the issues with a unique brand of knowledge and practicality.

In this section you will find comments made by our clients who have kindly shared with us of their experience with the firm during the course of our representation. The contents of their opinions remain largely unchanged, except they have been edited to remove any personally identifiable information to protect their privacy.

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